Shaved and Liberated!

I did it! All of my hair is shaved off, and it’s exhilarating. I’ve used this word so many times today that it almost has no meaning, but I feel absolutely liberated!

On our way back from a bridal shower my mom drove me to get my hair cut. Paul Mitchell wasn’t accepting anymore walk-ins and our local Regency wasn’t either, so we went to Great Clips. I’ve never been to anyone other than a hair salon to have my hair cut or styled. After all, I was getting a weave most of the time. Since I started losing hair around 2012, I stopped going to the salon altogether.

The wait was short, the lady who cut my hair did it quickly and wasn’t at all taken aback by my bald spots. As my mom stood in the corner, the lady shaved it with a “2” at first, and then a “1” when we both agreed that shorter was better. The moment I stepped outside and felt the air against my head on this humid day, I couldn’t help but to smile. That definitely was $14+tip well spent.

The patches show where my hair ends and where my balding begins. I opted not to just go completely bald to help aid my dermatologist (honestly, I don’t think he realizes just how bad the balding is because of how thick the remaining hairs were). In any case, I feel that this is so much better than what I had going on before, and that’s what matters. I took a shower tonight, washed my head, dried it off, and my hair was done. That was it! No braiding and putting on product in a tedious 30 minutes process. Just wiped it down with a towel, put a little natural hair/scalp stuff on it, and done! It’s amazing. Not to mention the support I’ve received from friends and family.

I’m happier about my hair than I’ve been in a long time.