Wish Upon a Spoon is primarily a chronic illness and mental health blog with a bit of pixie dust for good measure!

A Brief History

This blog began as Elizabeth Cricket in 2014 and has since morphed into so much more. I began blogging about my life in college with Lupus, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and chronic pain. I even dabbled in reviewing Apple keynotes and E3 conferences. When I entered graduate school, I learned I have OCD and Fibromyalgia. My blog quickly grew to encompass my experiences living with the ups and downs of all my conditions.

Fast forward to 2018. A new year means change, right? Well, when I was young I learned that while it’s good to make new friends, it can be important at times to keep the old. This is why Wish Upon a Spoon will continue to house all of my older posts. I hope that they will continue to help to those that read them.

Why Wish Upon a Spoon? Elizabeth Cricket was brill!

I know, but there’s a good reason for this. I always have been, and will be, a fan of Disney. The films, the parks, and everything in between hold a special place in my heart and always bring me positivity when my illnesses get me down. When you’re a spoonie, you’re wishing on spoons, hoping they’ll last long enough for you to get through your day. If you’re a Disney fan, you know the importance of wishing upon a star.


My aim with Wish Upon a Spoon is to make those with chronic illnesses (spoonies!) feel a little less alone, and to bring awareness to the realities of living with these conditions. What’s more, I hope that this blog can effectively educate its readers about both physical and mental illnesses.

About Monique

I’m Monique, a writer, spoonie, and advocate. I received my lupus diagnosis at a young age and learned to live with it and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) over the years. Once I entered graduate school, I attended therapy regularly and was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I located a new rheumatologist around that same time and discovered that the pain and fatigue I’d been living with for most of my life stemmed from Fibromyalgia.

My illnesses have tried and failed to stop me from doing what I love most: writing. I’m a blog contributor for Sarah Scoop and DIS, where my love for Disney allows me to post about all things related to the Mouse. I’ve also contributed to Fatventure Mag and Ruru Reads.

Outside of my writing life, I have an MS in Library & Information Science. I hope to earn an MA in Women’s Studies and become an archivist. I also enjoy photography and having tea with friends in my spare time.

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