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My Top Two Favorite Books for Anxiety and OCD

I’ve previously avoided self-help books. Nothing against them, I just didn’t actively seek them when I browsed. Everything changed when I started therapy. In the last three years, my counselor has suggested two books that have quickly become invaluable to me.

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What to Do When Intrusive Thoughts Make You Cry

This morning, I spent the last fifteen minutes of my therapy session crying. Then, I came home and my health OCD gave me intrusive thoughts that brought me to tears with worry. This led to an anxiety attack and I had to text my friend with OCD to help calm me down. I managed to stop crying, have a slice of pizza, and carry on–and then I got the idea for this post. You might not like this one, but here’s what to do when the intrusive thoughts bring you to tears, give you an anxiety attack, or both.

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Academia, You Need to Do Better.

Anyone with a chronic illness of any kind attempting to make it through the education system deserves a standing ovation. Anyone with a chronic illness who couldn’t make it or managed to make it deserves a standing ovation. Why? Let’s be real. The education system doesn’t exactly want to play nicely with those of us with chronic illness.

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Why I’m so Vocal About My Struggles with Mental Illness

[Contains discussions of mental health and race, mentions of suicidal thoughts, and ableist language]

Those who know me know that I’m vocal about my experiences with mental illness. Most of this blog is littered with articles pertaining to my mental health and my path to getting a better handle on it. I wasn’t always this way.

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