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Academia, You Need to Do Better.

Anyone with a chronic illness of any kind attempting to make it through the education system deserves a standing ovation. Anyone with a chronic illness who couldn’t make it or managed to make it deserves a standing ovation. Why? Let’s be real. The education system doesn’t exactly want to play nicely with those of us with chronic illness.

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How to Overcome Feeling Like a Burden

Those of us with any type of illness, whether it be chronic or mental, have felt this before. Even those of us without any illnesses at all have felt this way one time or another. The burden feeling gets worse when you overhear a family member or friend mentioning you, and they make it sound as though you’re an inconvenience to them. Although it may be unintentional on their part, it doesn’t make your feelings hurt any less—particularly if you already feel as though you’re a burden. How do we get past feeling like a hassle to the people around us?

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When Internalized Ableism Strikes

I dislike ableism. It bothers me how subversive it is, and I seriously dislike how people around you can say things that are ableist and they don’t get how ableist that statement is. It’s awful. What bothers me the most is how insensitive statements over the years can build up and lead to internalized ableism.

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